Have you discovered Periscope? October 8, 2015 22:33


As of two weeks ago I had never heard of this new social media app. But now I'm wondering how I ever lived without it :) Well not quite. But it is awesome.

If you are wondering what Periscope is all about it is basically a way to live stream video to your followers. I first heard about the app on a podcast I was listening to by Jess Van Den from Create and Thrive. If you have never listened to her podcasts they are amazing and you need to get over there now. Her website too is full of great stuff for creative people and people who run their own handmade business. 

Anyway after hearing about it I jumped on and joined and started to have a look around. I soon discovered some great people talking about lots of stuff that I was really interested in. Because you can also interact with the person doing the video I have been able to ask questions and comment to people that I would never dream of being able to speak to in person. 

I am yet to do my first scope (that's Periscope speak for your first broadcast, see I'm an expert now, haha). But I plan to do it very soon. It is a little scary and every time I get ready to do it, something comes up and I run out of time. But I need to just do it, right!

Another great Podcast to listen to if you are looking at getting into Periscope is The Inside Scope with Ryan Bilello. He chats to a whole heap of periscopers and gets into the ins and outs of scoping. Have a listen. 

Also Jess (Create and Thrive) has put together a great blog post with some awesome resource for getting started on Periscope. 

If you are on Periscope or jump on there soon then you can follow me @heartsupplies (just like my twitter). I would also like to follow you so let me know where you are so I can find you and watch all your exciting scopes. Leave a comment at the bottom or twitter me and I'll jump on and give you some love. 

Here's a few of my favourite scopers if you want to check them out. 











See you in a Periscope room soon.