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The Inside Story

Crochet some Baby Booties in 15 minutes August 20, 2016 11:30 3 Comments

I have dabbled in crochet on and off over my life so this really intrigued me when I saw it on Pinterest. 15 mins to crochet some booties! Could it be true. I watched her tutorial video and she makes it look very easy. If you are an avid crocheter then its a very easy pattern to follow. I think I could even do it (it might take me longer than 15 minutes though)

Check out the full pattern and tutorial over on Croby Patterns blog. Or if you would like another pattern for booties this one looks really cute over on Whistle and Ivy.

I think these wooden buttons would be a great addition to your 15 minute booties.

One Inch Wood buttons

Find them here.

Happy making and remember to email me with photos so I can check out your lovely creations.  


New 1cm Felt Ball colours August 5, 2016 17:50

I'm very excited to have added more colours to the 1cm felt balls. There are now 15 colours to choose from, including:

Lime Green




Curious Blue





Dark Pink

Light Pink


Bright Green


Dark Green

If you can't decide on a colour then grab a pack of the multi coloured balls.

Happy making!


Enjoying Life! July 4, 2016 00:00


The year is over half way over and I don't know about you but it has started off SO busy. As I sit here thinking today, it is easy to be overwhelmed by stuff. But you know, life is there to be enjoyed. So today take a moment to enjoy your life. Look around you at the things that are good and think about them and be thankful. It doesn't take long but it really does change your mood. 

Then find something that makes you happy and do it. 

The key to enjoying life is to choose to enjoy it. It's your choice.

Don't forget to have Fun! November 27, 2015 00:19

This time of year is a very busy time. I spend my days filling order, making stuff, running errands, picking kids up and taking them to a million places, making sure everyone has everything they need, organising end of year breakups and a billion other things. 

Sometimes I am can definitely become way too serious. Most of the time I don't consider myself a serious person. I love having fun. But when I get busy it's just put your head down and work. 

But if I keep doing that all the time then life gets really boring and I forget why I'm doing the things I'm doing, and I don't want that. 

So its time to have fun. Summer is almost here and summer means fun. 

This afternoon I took my daughter out to the shops and we just had fun. We laughed at each other and sang at the top of our voices to a song on the radio. Sure I was still busy and I did have a thousands of things I could be doing, but life is short and you need to make the most of it when you can. Have fun! Enjoy the little things. Stop and smell the roses, as they say. 

As this quote above says 'Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun'

Enjoy the moment!